Tousey Winery

Tousey Winery Germantown, NY 12526

Clermont, NY, is the location of the Tousey farm. Being in the Tousey family for generations it has evolved several times over the years from growing apples to small fruits and beekeeping. From there, it wasn’t a stretch of the imagination to go a little further – strive towards our passion – and plant a small vineyard and start the production of wine. Our goal is to produce award-winning wines that we would like to drink ourselves. Wines that are enjoyed with food just as much as friends. Both the winery and the tasting room are situated within the Blue Roof building (on the Tousey farm), formerly the old Cider Mill.

Tousey Creme de Cassis – Grown on the estate along with honey from our very own bees, our Cassis is a blend of four varieties of black currants. Uniquely, the honey is used to balance the Cassis against the currant to give a bold and fragrant flavor.

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